When something goes bump in the night, and it’s you, you may end up with the most common type of injury known to man. Bruises, purplish blue testimonies to our physical uses, occur when blood seeps from damaged blood vessels into the surrounding tissue. Known medically as contusions, bruises are usually caused what doctors call direct trauma. Whether from hitting a corner of the coffee table or being kicked in the shin, the result is a painful reminder of our of our not-so-best moments.

Thankfully, bruises generally heal in about 10 to days. Along the way, their coloring changes and 6 from a dark purple to a yellowish blue. The changing colors indicate that scavenger white blood cells have moved into the area to break down ruptured red blood cells (called corpuscles) into iron by products. These by-products can then the whisked away by the blood. When a greenish maroon color appears, healing is almost complete.

While your body is taking care of healing the injury, there are some things you can do to minimize discoloration, maximize pain relief, and prevent bruises from “hitting” you in the future.

Cool it down. To stop the bleeding from the damaged blood vessels, use a cold compress. “The sooner you apply ice, the better,” says Wilma Bergfeld, M.D., head of clinical research in the department of Dermatology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio. The cold also helps mt swelling. Wrap the ice in a damp cloth and apply it for about 10 to 15 minutes. If your fingers toes are bruised, plunge them into ice-cold water for quick results. Never place ice directly on the skin, however, or keep a compress on for prolonged periods of time, because an ice burn can result.

Take a load off. No matter where the injury occurred, it’s important to rest the affected area.

Give it a lift.Elevation is helpful for bruises to the arms or legs,because less blood is pumped into the injured site when gravity lends a hand. Try supporting your arm on the back of a chair or propping your leg up on a few pillows for 30 minutes each hour for the first few hours after injury.

Switch to heat. About 24 hours after the injury, once the bleeding has stopped and the healing process has begun, use heat to help reduce the muscle spasms that can accompany bruising. “The muscles contract to ’splint’ an injury, especially near a joint,” explains Nelson Lee Novick, M,D., associate clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Apply lukewarm compresses for about half an hour to an hour, three to four times a day, to relax the muscles surrounding the bruise.

While either moist or dry heat can be used ­whichever is most comfortable for you-many physicians say that for reasons unknown, moist heat seems to be more effective in treating bruises. “But no matter which heating method you use, the heat should never be too high,” warns Bergfeld. If you use a heating pad, for example, it should be set on the lowest temperature.

Keep your aspirin in the cabinet. You may be tempted to reach for aspirin to dull the pain of the injury, but don’t do it. “Both aspirin and acetaminophen contain anticoagulants, commonly known as ‘blood thinning’ agents, which can aggravate the bruise,” says Jerome Z. Litt, M.D., an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland. Instead, reach for ibuprofen, the other major nonprescription painkiller, which does riot contain anticoagulant factors.

Put your moisturizer in the fridge. If you decide to treat the bruise with dry heat and the area becomes dry, use an emollient, preferably a hypoallergenic one, to help smooth and soothe the affected area. Gently pat-do not rub-it on, a few times a day. “By keeping the lotion in the refrigerator, it will feel pleasantly cool on your hot, tender skin when you use it,” says Bergfeld.

Be a teetotaler. Alcoholic beverages, whether wine coolers, beer, or hard liquor, can dilate (open up) blood vessels, which in turn can aggravate the bruising, warns Novick. Alcohol consumption is also a major contributor to accidents in the home.

Wear loose clothing. Tight, restrictive clothes will only increase the bruise’s tenderness. For bruises on the legs, for example, try going without panty hose or socks for a day if you can.

Watch the way you decorate. Furniture that is more rounded or that has softer edges such as Queen Anne-style coffee tables-may be less hazardous to your legs and hips than squared-off styles, especially in small rooms where space is tight.

Consider putting down carpeting. You might be less likely to slip on carpeting than you would on linoleum or tile, and if you do happen to fall, the carpet may help to prevent more serious injury by acting as a cushion.

Tack down area rugs. Those small throw rugs, found in entry halls, bathrooms, and kitchens, frequently slide around or bunch up, living you open to an unexpected trip and a potentially bruising fall. To remedy the problem, adhesive tape or specially made tacking to adhere them to the floor.

Light the way to safety. Night lights or lights set on timers are a relatively low-cost way to illuminate “path for late-night trips to the kitchen or room. You might also try keeping a small flashlight on your night stand so you can take it along when navigating dark hallways or stairways. Motion sensor fixtures, which turn on when movement is detected nearby, are great for outdoor use because they will instantly light up your driveway or sidewalk as you approach.

Improve your footing in the tub. Put a rubber mat in your bathtub or shower stall to help prevent slipping. You might even consider installing a handrail to decrease your risk of slipping while getting in or out of the tub.

Put everything in its place. Clutter can be hazardous to your health. Just think about the times you found a missing item by literally tripping over it.

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