Genital Herper

Suspect that you may have genital herpes? Know that you have it but want more information?Read on.
Genital herpes is a viral infection marked by sores that look like fever blisters on the genital area. There’s a reason they resemble fever blisters, too. Both genital herpes and fever blisters are caused by the herpes simplex […]


For fans of winter sports, there’s nothing more exhilarating than crisp, cold air and a blanket of snow for skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, or just plain horsing around. But the nip in the air can have an unforgiving bite if you’re not dressed properly to ward off the elements. Indeed, you may not realize how […]


During the summer, your skin looks radiant. All of those sunscreens and all that humidity in the air leave your skin moist and supple. But as soon as winter comes, you suffer from flaky, dry skin that often reaches the point of breaking open into painful cracks.
“Fissures, as these linear cracks are commonly referred […]

Fingernail Problem

Scratch an itch. Strum a guitar. Peel an orange. Your fingernails come in handy all day long, but too much use-or misuse-can cause problems ranging from nasty fungal infections to brittle, broken nails.
Your nails are made of keratin, the same type of protein that goes into your hair. Each nail actually consists of several […]

Excessive Hair Growth

Rarely do men complain about having too much hair-even if it grows dark and dense on arms, chest, and legs. But for women, the tendency of hair to crop up in places other than the scalp can be a decided cosmetic liability. For some women, it goes beyond a cosmetic problem; it is a […]

Cuts And Scrapes

You’re hurrying along and the front of your shoe catches on a crack in the cement, sending you tumbling to the ground. When you get up, you . find that not only is your ego bruised, but you’ve managed to peel away the skin on your elbows and knees. You’ve got yourself a collection […]

Corns And Calluses

You may refer to your feet as tootsies or dogs, but the fact remains that feet are highly sophisticated structures. The human foot is a miracle of engineering designed to stand up under a lot of wear and tear. It’s a good thing, too: Your feet are the most used and abused parts of […]

Chapped Lips

If puckering is painful and pursing is too much to bear, you’re probably suffering from chapped lips. Harsh winter weather, dry indoor heat, a habit of constantly licking your lips-all of these factors can help dry out the skin of your lips by causing the moisture in the skin to evaporate. The result: Rough, […]

Chapped Hands

Suffering from dry skin is bad enough. But sometimes dry skin gets so bad it becomes chapped skin-red, rough, scaly, and even cracked and bleeding. The hands are common victims for such distress, taking the abuse we dish out each IV as we wash them over and over, subject them to harsh chemicals and […]

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