Does your skin-or your clothing-rub you the wrong way? If so, you’re probably suffering from a condition called chafing. While chafing is rarely a serious problem, nothing can take the spring out of your step like sore, irritated, chafed skin.
Chafing is a condition in which the skin’s normal balancing act is disturbed. Normally, the […]

Canker Sores

It may only be the size of a pencil eraser, but a canker sore can be hard to ignore. You know it’s there-and it hurts like the dickens, especially whenever you eat or drink something. Fortunately, a canker sore is usually a fairly short-lived misery, and there are a few things you can do […]


Bursitis has some funny nicknames. It’s called House maid’s Knee, Clergyman’s Knee, and Baker’s Cyst, among others. But anyone who’s experienced the pain of bursitis knows that it’s no laughing matter. The bursa is a fluid-filled sac that helps protect muscle, ligaments, tendons, or skin that rubs across bone. There are bursae throughout our […]


It can take just an instant. A harried cook grabs the pan of burning food out of the oven, a cup of hot coffee comes tumbling down over the side of the table onto a curious child, a toddler manages to turn on the hot-water faucet during bath time.
Many burns are minor and can […]


When you brought your new baby home from the hospital, he seemed so quiet, so sweet, so well behaved. Suddenly, about two weeks after your child’s arrival, Mommy’s angel turned into a crying, squalling, red-faced little devil. At time the child may have appeared to be in pain. He drew his legs up to […]

Carpal tunnel Syndrome

If, for you, working nine to five means tapping a computer keyboard, punching cash-register keys, working a jackhammer, or doing any other repetitive motion with your hands, you may be at risk for a painful condition called carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). CTS is a collection of symptoms that can include tingling, numbness, burning, and […]


When something goes bump in the night, and it’s you, you may end up with the most common type of injury known to man. Bruises, purplish blue testimonies to our physical uses, occur when blood seeps from damaged blood vessels into the surrounding tissue. Known medically as contusions, bruises are usually caused what doctors […]

Bladder Infection

You have to go, and you have to go now. Come to think of it, it seems like you’ve had to go every 15 minutes since you woke up this morning. And each time, it’s been the same story. Not much comes out, but it burns like crazy. What in the world is […]

Breast Discomfort

For many women, breasts are a source of sensual pleasure. For breast-feeding mothers, they are a part of the bonding between mother and baby and a way of nurturing a new life. But at certain times in a woman’s life, breasts can be uncomfortable or downright painful. They may even become the focus of […]

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